Dental Implants in College Station, TX

Among the various technological advancements in dentistry, dental implants are the ones that have received the most recognition. Just like your natural tooth, dental implants have a root portion that is embedded in the jawbone and a crown portion that replaces the visible part of the tooth. Dr. Vani Pavan, a renowned dentist at College Station Periodontics, offers the latest types of dental implants in College Station, TX, to replace missing and damaged teeth. Compared to conventional dentures, dental implants are permanently fixed in your jawbone, allowing you to enjoy your meals without any worries! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Vani Pavan and our experienced dentists to learn more about the procedure and the exceptional benefits of dental implants.

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    Am I Eligible For Dental Implants?

    If you have lost one or more teeth and want a long-term solution, dental implants are undoubtedly the best option. Although many people are good candidates, certain factors must be evaluated beforehand as they may impact the future prognosis of dental implants in College Station, TX. These factors include:

    • Bone strength: The primary requirement for dental implants is adequate bone tissue as it forms the supportive foundation. People with severe bone loss will benefit from a bone grafting procedure.
    • Age: Dental implants are usually not recommended for patients below 18 because their jaws are still undergoing development.
    • Oral hygiene: Proper oral hygiene is essential for dental implant placement. Lack of oral care can lead to implant failure.
    • Smoking: Regular smoking or tobacco use can interfere with the healing process after implant surgery.
    • Medical conditions: Systemic diseases like diabetes, cancer, alcoholism, etc., can negatively impact the success of dental implants.
    Dental Implants

    Benefits of Dental Implants in College Station, TX

    • Dental implants closely replicate the look and feel of natural teeth.
    • They replace missing and damaged teeth and provide a long-term alternative.
    • Dental implants preserve your natural jawbone and prevent bone loss.
    • Dental implants restore oral functions to the maximum extent and provide ease during biting, chewing, and speaking.
    • The crown part of dental implants perfectly matches your natural teeth and enhances your smile’s appearance.
    • Because they integrate with the jawbone, dental implants offer greater strength and durability.
    • They provide additional support to your facial muscles and prevent premature sagging.

    College Station Periodontics

    How Does The Implant Procedure Work?

    With continuous modification in implant dentistry, many types of dental implants are available in College Station, TX, that can target your specific oral needs. Our team will evaluate the health of your teeth, gums, and jawbone to determine which type will best suit you. During this initial consultation, you are free to ask questions regarding the process, cost, and risks of dental implant placement.

    We will move forward with the procedure by scheduling an appointment for implant surgery. It involves the insertion of dental implants in your jawbone under local anesthesia. Conventional dental implants may take months for proper healing, but with our advanced same-day implants, you can enjoy the benefits within a few days!

    Learn More About Dental Implants in College Station, TX

    Dental implants are a revolutionary tooth replacement measure that offer greater durability and resilience than traditional dentures. To learn whether dental implants are right for you, call our College Station, TX, practice at (979) 383-2230 to schedule a consultation.

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    About Implants

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    Implant Procedure

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    Implant Supported Denture

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