“My Dental Implants Hurt When I Chew” | 3 Possible Reasons

June 15, 2023

Going under dental implant surgery is an important step for many — it restores one’s smile and allows dental bone stimulation. The invasive procedure takes a few steps over the course of a few months, after which you will not experience discomfort, especially when 10 days have passed. However, there is a slight risk of complications, such as dental implant failure. So, carry on reading if you’re wondering. ‘Why does my dental implant hurt when I chew?’

Dental Implant Pain When Chewing

Do your dental implants hurt when you chew? It could be because of an incorrect bite, gum disease, or an infection at the dental implant site. You should contact your oral surgeon right away for the discomfort, as it could signify dental implant failure. Here are some reasons why your dental implants hurt when you chew:

  • Infection: The primary cause of dental implant pain is peri-implantitis or dental implant infection, which occurs when harmful bacteria invade the bone surrounding the implant. Excess cement from the abutment or improper oral hygiene can lead to dental implant infection. Hence, your oral surgeon will assess the affected area and recommend antibiotics or proceed with a suitable treatment.
  • Improper Bite: One of the best parts about dental implants is that they are stabilized in your jaw and do not move or slip away. However, sometimes, the implant’s post does not settle properly with the bite, which could cause pain in the surrounding bone. When you bite, it may apply pressure on the implant, causing it to push down into the bone. Consequently, you may feel pain when chewing or biting down due to the improper bite. The dental specialist might recommend changing the crown, which may resolve the issue.
  • Neighboring Teeth: The dental implants, in some cases, are not placed properly, which results in the implant interfering with the surrounding teeth. While implants are meant to help the remaining teeth, improper placement can damage them. This may call for the need for a tooth extraction to eliminate dental implant pain and other complications.

Signs You May Have Dental Implant Failure

Many oral surgeons offer Dental Implants in College Station, TX. If you experience pain while chewing, it could be a sign that the dental implant procedure wasn’t successful. Here are few signs:

  • Your recently placed dental implant is shifting. A properly placed implant should have no mobility.
  • Prolonged pain or discomfort near the implant site, even 10 days after the surgery.
  • Discomfort or sensitivity when applying pressure on the implant. Thus, the dental implant site may hurt when you chew or bite down as well.
  • Inflamed, swollen, receding, or even discolored gums near the location of the implant.
  • Difficulty when chewing due to pain, pressure, or shift in the implant.

If these signs occur, it could indicate dental implant failure. Make sure to visit your implant specialist right away for prompt treatment.


So, does your dental implant hurt when you chew? It could signify an issue that requires immediate attention. Therefore, visit your oral surgeon right away for dental implant pain. At College Station Periodontics, our team offers effective solutions to your dental trouble. Talk to us now at (979) 383-2230 to book an appointment with us. You can also visit us at 3318 Longmire Dr., College Station, TX, 77845.


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