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Advanced Laser Periodontal Care is Conveniently Located and Accessible!

When selecting locations for our clinics, we ensured it was accessible and conveniently located from our local major roads. We’re dedicated to providing care to our growing patient family. Our team enjoys welcoming new people to our location and providing them with exceptional care. We’re always available to answer questions and to be your partner in untangling the puzzle of financing your care.


We know that insurance can be challenging to understand and are here to help you navigate its waters. If you’re uncertain if our services are covered, you can meet with one of our insurance specialists for help.


When insurance isn’t an option or doesn’t cover all of your care, we provide flexible payment options. We accept checks, credit cards, ATM cards, and cash for direct payments.


If we’ve been fortunate enough to serve you at one of our locations, why not share your own experiences? You can leave your testimonial here on our website.

College Station Periodontics

Advanced Technology

Our patients deserve the best care available using the latest techniques. To achieve this, we ensure we use the latest available technology to treat our patients. Our efforts don’t end there. We stay abreast of the latest methods of treatment and patient engagement. To this end, we improve your experience not just with better techniques and technology but by providing better patient-doctor relationships.

Technology is ever-changing and constantly evolving.We do our best to stay relevant to the needs of our patients using advanced technology that helps us better diagnose and treat conditions and diseases.

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