Ridge Augmentation in College Station, TX

After tooth extraction or tooth loss, the jawbone loses its natural density and flattens over time. Loss of bone structure weakens the support of facial muscles, causing premature sagging. Furthermore, it also reduces the success of tooth replacement options because they rely heavily on the support of the jawbone. For this reason, our expert periodontists perform ridge augmentation in College Station, TX, to reconstruct the jawbone and natural gumline. After a successful ridge augmentation surgery, you will have sufficient bone to support full dentures or dental implants. Schedule an appointment at College Station Periodontics to learn more about ridge augmentation surgery.

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    What is Ridge Augmentation?

    Ridge augmentation is a minor surgical procedure that is performed to recreate the ideal contours of the jawbone and gums in the area of missing teeth. We usually perform the process before the placement of dental implants to provide them with a secure foundation.

    Our teeth are natural stimulants for jawbone production. After tooth loss, the alveolar ridge around the empty tooth socket deteriorates slowly. It does not cause a significant functional disturbance, but if you opt for dental implants, you may not qualify because implants need sufficient bone density to work.

    Ridge augmentation in College Station, TX, rebuilds the lost bone structure to improve facial aesthetics and provide a strong base for the accommodation of dental implants.

    Ridge Augmentation

    Am I Eligible For Ridge Augmentation Surgery in College Station, TX?

    During your initial visit to our practice, our dental professionals will perform oral and radiographic exams to visualize the extent of bone loss. We will recommend ridge augmentation in College Station, TX, in the following cases:

    • If you have lost significant bone structure and want implant placement.
    • If you do not have sufficient bone to support complete dentures.
    • If you want to rejuvenate facial aesthetics to achieve a youthful look.

    Ridge augmentation may also benefit those who have broken or fractured bones due to trauma/injury. To understand whether you require bone augmentation, consult with our dental experts to make an informed decision.

    College Station Periodontics

    What is The Procedure for Ridge Augmentation?

    After determining the extent of bone loss, we will prepare a bone graft from natural or synthetic sources to restore the original contours of your jawbone. The process will carry out under local anesthesia so you won’t feel pain or discomfort. Typically, ridge augmentation in College Station, TX, is performed right after tooth extraction to preserve the alveolar bone and reduce the risk of bone loss.

    If sufficient bone loss has already occurred, ridge augmentation surgery will help to replenish the jawbone. The healing period may span over a few weeks or months, during which healthy bone production will take place. Once complete healing occurs, we can prepare the alveolar bone for the successful placement of dental implants.

    Find Out More About Ridge Augmentation

    If you are opting for dental implants, consult with us in advance to learn whether ridge augmentation in College Station, TX, will be beneficial for you. Call us at (979) 383-2230 for further information.

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