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LANAP in College Station, TX

Gum disease affects many in the USA, but few seek treatment. Untreated gum issues can lead to heart disease, diabetes, and more. Luckily, LANAP (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure) offers an FDA-approved, painless solution. It targets bacteria without harming gums, resulting in faster healing. At College Station Periodontics, we prioritize your smile’s health using advanced technology. Call us now to find out how LANAP in College Station, TX, can help you reach your ideal smile!

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    Revolutionizing Gum Treatment with LANAP Laser Gum Therapy

    Traditionally, treating infected gums involved a surgical incision procedure, where targeted areas beneath the gums required scraping to eliminate the infection. To restore weakened structures, bone grafts were often necessary. This lengthy and painful process involved suturing the gums to the teeth for complete restorations. Recovery was challenging, hindering patients from resuming normal activities like work and sports. Follow-up care also affected the timeline to return to a regular routine.

    However, LANAP laser gum therapy offers a game-changing alternative. Say goodbye to sutures and incisions! The procedure utilizes a laser to effectively remove bacteria and infections from the gums. LANAP’s minimally invasive approach by our dentist in College Station preserves healthy tissue, resulting in significantly reduced recovery time and less post-operative pain. LANAP is the future of gum treatment, providing quicker healing and superior results.

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    Considering LANAP Laser Gum Therapy?

    Concerned about gum disease? Talk to our dentist about LANAP laser gum therapy in College Station. We are committed to protecting your oral health with non-surgical and surgical solutions for healthier gums and teeth. Don't delay – call us today for specialized care!

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    Why Opt for LANAP Gum Disease Treatment in College Station?

    If you’re among the millions dealing with gum disease, LANAP treatment offers a host of compelling benefits for you in College Station. Beyond effectively treating gum disease, you can also expect reduced inflammation in your mouth, less bleeding from your gums, improved ease of at-home cleaning, and a lowered risk of tooth loss.

    In contrast to traditional dental surgery which often requires four one-hour sessions with multiple follow-up visits for suture removal and checkups, LANAP periodontal surgery streamlines the process. This full-mouth procedure typically wraps up in just two two-hour visits. During the first visit, one side of the mouth is treated, and a week later, the other side is completed. What’s even better is that patients commonly experience a quick return to their regular activities or work routine.

    If you are a resident of College Station, by choosing LANAP, you not only address gum disease effectively but also enjoy the advantages of a more efficient and convenient treatment approach, paving the way for a healthier and happier smile.

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    Caring for Your Smile After LANAP

    After undergoing LANAP in College Station, it’s crucial to follow specific aftercare instructions to ensure the best results and the long-lasting benefits of the procedure. Alongside these guidelines, adopting good oral hygiene habits becomes paramount. Make it a routine to brush your teeth twice daily and floss at least once a day, ideally after every brushing session. Perfecting your brushing and flossing techniques is also essential.

    Alongside consistent and proper oral self-care, don’t forget to schedule regular checkups with our dentist every six months. By maintaining this diligent oral health routine, you’ll significantly reduce the risk of developing additional periodontal issues and continue to enjoy a radiant and healthy smile. Your commitment to post-LANAP aftercare will keep your oral health in top shape, ensuring the best possible outcome from the procedure.

    A Minimally Invasive Breakthrough for Gum Disease Treatment!

    The impact of gum disease on overall health is a matter of concern, with potential associations to various health issues like heart disease and low birth-weight babies. However, in the past, the treatment choices often involved invasive and uncomfortable procedures. Fortunately, a more gentle solution called LANAP has emerged, which is minimally invasive and eliminates the need for cutting or stitching of the gums!

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    LANAP Vs. Conventional Gum Surgery Making the Right Choice

    Patients facing periodontal disease have two treatment options: traditional surgery or LANAP surgery.

    In conventional gum surgery, a scalpel exposes the jawbone and tooth roots by folding back the gums. Debris and tartar are removed, and any bone defects are addressed with graft materials. The gums are then sutured to heal.

    College Station LANAP surgery, however, uses a laser for a similar purpose without the need for sutures. The laser eliminates bacteria, plaque, and infected tissue beneath the gum surface. Afterward, a cleaner removes calculus, and the laser seals the area, stimulating stem cells for tissue development around the tooth root. This process preserves tissue and encourages collagen, bone, and connective tissue formation.

    Treating each infected area typically takes 30-45 minutes, requiring just one visit. Make an informed choice for a healthier smile.

    Alternative To Gum Surgery

    Benefits of LANAP

    There are a variety of immediate and long-term benefits that you will enjoy following your LANAP procedure, including the following:

    High Success Rate:
    Patients who undergo LANAP have very favorable experiences and outcomes.

    Extremely Safe:
    LANAP surgery has zero associated contraindications.

    Less Discomfort:
    Unlike traditional periodontal surgery, LANAP is much less invasive and requires less post-operative care.

    Faster Healing:
    Compared to traditional periodontal surgery, the recovery time following the procedure is much faster, typically requiring no downtime following treatment.

    Bleeding and Inflammation Significantly Reduced:
    Because LANAP does not harm healthy tissue and can target bacteria directly, inflammation can be reduced by up to 90%.

    Minimal Gum Recession:
    Because LANAP does not harm healthy tissue and can target bacteria directly, gum line recession is minimized.

    Preserves Natural Teeth:
    In certain cases, having the LANAP procedure performed will allow patients to avoid having a tooth extracted.

    Considering LANAP Laser Gum Therapy?

    Concerned about gum disease? Talk to our dentist about LANAP laser gum therapy in College Station. We are committed to protecting your oral health with non-surgical and surgical solutions for healthier gums and teeth. Don't delay – call us today for specialized care!

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Q. Are Periodontal Disease and Gum Disease the Same?

    A. Periodontal disease is an advanced stage of gum disease, stemming from an initial infection of the gums known as plaque. Over time, plaque hardens into tartar, providing a breeding ground for bacteria, which may necessitate laser treatment for its removal.

    Q. How Can I Be Sure to Take Sure the Laser Treatment Is Safe?

    A. Rest assured, the PerioLase®MVP-7™ used for laser gum surgery is FDA-cleared and supported by human histology research, ensuring its safety and effectiveness in reengineering your gums. Your doctor is extensively trained to provide this advanced treatment.

    Q. How Can I Find Out if The Laser Treatment is Right for Me?

    A. Concerned about your gum health? Reach out to a laser treatment professional for a personalized consultation. Your doctor will discuss various options with you, helping you decide on the best investment for your most valuable asset—your smile.

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    I had a filling done today, and have to say Dr. Vani and staff were all great to work with. They used some kind of new laser on me instead of drilling, and that didn't require numbing, and it didn't hurt. No pain is a big gain. Dr. Vani was patient and explained the procedure well. She explained how the laser is

    John M.

    I absolutely loved my experience today. Today I had my exam to see what needed to be done and the doctor and staff were amazing. Very personal and they make it clear as to what is going on in a way that is so easy to understand. I highly recommend them.

    Misty B.

    The minute you walk into the College Station Dentist, you feel comfortable. They are very welcoming and professional. Their expertise is above normal. I would highly recommend this Dentist's office to anyone. Dr. Pavan's knowledge exceeds expectations in her industry.

    Juanell C.

    Dr. Pavan, herself is particularly knowledgeable in her field, plus she’s very detail oriented giving me ALL my options up front, allowing me to take part in the decisions of what needs to be done. Dr. Pavan meanwhile seems genuinely concerned with my well-being and has worked to do what she...

    Robert F.

    Fast dental appointment in and out no pain with new laser also no numbing no needle super excited!! Doctor and her team are super amazing!! Can’t wait for my next appointment!!!

    Shankar V.

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