Laser Gum Treatment in College Station, TX

Conventional methods of dental treatments have been used for many years, but advancements in dentistry have brought more convenient treatment measures. In the last few years, laser dentistry has become more widespread among the general population. It is more effective than conventional means and has lesser side effects. Keeping with the latest technologies, College Station Periodontics offers laser gum treatment in College Station, TX, to improve your gum health without compromising its natural integrity. It is an innovative method to treat gum disease without needing surgical incisions or sutures. To learn more about the benefits of laser gum surgery, call us today to book a consultation with our expert periodontists.

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    Benefits of Laser Gum Treatment

    Compared to conventional gum surgeries, laser gum treatment in College Station, TX, offer many benefits, which include the following:

    • Less invasive: The primary advantage of laser gum therapy is that it is far less invasive than traditional methods. We do not need to slice into your gum tissues for exposure or place stitches afterward.
    • Improves gum health: Laser gum treatment is beneficial for treating moderate cases of gingivitis, gum recession, and gum pigmentation.
    • Enhances smile: People with a ‘gummy smile’ can benefit from laser gum treatment as it contours your gums to achieve a uniform gum line, giving you a smile you desire.
    • Accuracy: Laser gum treatment is extremely precise and targets only the specific regions that require correction. It does not damage healthy gingival tissues.
    • Faster recovery: Unlike conventional gum surgeries that take weeks or months to recover, the healing period for laser gum treatment in College Station, TX, is short. It may take only 24 to 48 for maximum recovery.
    Laser Gum Treatment

    How Does Laser Gum Treatment Work in College Station, TX?

    Our board-certified professionals utilize laser technology for different surgical procedures to improve gum health. We will first perform an oral examination to evaluate whether you would benefit from laser gum treatment in College Station, TX. If you are an ideal candidate, we will discuss the best surgical option to meet your cosmetic and functional goals.

    Laser Treatment for Gum Recession

    Moderate cases of gum recession can be treated with a revolutionary method known as Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique (PST). We will make a small hole below the gum line to loosen gum tissues and gently move them to cover the exposed areas of your tooth roots. Because it does not need incisions or sutures, you can recover faster with less risk of post-treatment complications.

    Laser Gum Depigmentation

    It is a quick and effective cosmetic procedure to remove brown or black patches on gums that result from gingival hyperpigmentation. These patches can impact the look of your smile and lower your self-confidence. With laser gum depigmentation, you can have beautiful, healthy gums within a short period.

    Enhancing Smiles with State-of-the-art Technology

    Laser gum treatment in College Station, TX, is the latest way to improve your gum health and rejuvenate your smile. Book a consultation with us today by calling (979) 383-2230 to learn more.

    College Station Periodontics

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